The App

Some facts for the current App

  • Currently, we named our App as Digital Forest.

  • We achieved a 1 cm mean absolute error (MAE) for tree diameter measurement.
    • We are working on dealing with irregular shape of trees and camera rotations

  • Our goal is to reach at least 90% accuracy for common North American hardwood species identification.
    • We are working on collecting a vast bark image database for North American hardwood species.
    • Currently, we reach an Appx. 82% accuracy for 25 different North American hardwood Species when the camera distance is less than 1 meters from the bark
    • We are improving the accuracy and making the classification model more suitable for the camera distance from 0.5 m to 3 m, a diameter measurement distance.

Figure 1. Screenshot

We need your feedback!

Check here to have a try of our App if you use the iPhone 12 Pro or later. Support for older iOS device will come soon.