1. 🔍
    Some Practice for Improving the Search Results of E-commerce
    Fanyou Wu, Yang Liu, Rado Gazo, Benes Bedrich, Xiaobo Qu
    KDD Cup 2022 Workshop: ESCI Challenge for Improving Product Search 2022
  2. 🚥
    Representation, Learning and Inference for Real-world Delivery Route Optimization
    Yang Liu, Kai Wang, Fanyou Wu, Zhiyuan Liu, Xiaobo Qu
    Transportation Science (Under Review) 2022
  3. 🚥
    Deep dispatching: A deep reinforcement learning approach for vehicle dispatching on online ride-hailing platform
    Yang Liu, Fanyou Wu, Cheng Lyu, Shen Li, Jiepin Ye, Xiaobo Qu
    Transportation Research Part E 2022


  1. 🌳
    Deep BarkID: A Portable Tree Bark Identification System by Knowledge Distillation
    Fanyou Wu, Rado Gazo, Bedrich Benes, Eva Haviarova
    European Journal of Forest Research 2021
  2. 🌳
    Wood Identification Based on Longitudinal Section Images by Using Deep Learning
    Fanyou Wu, Rado Gazo, Eva Haviarova, Bedrich Benes
    Wood Science and Technology 2021
  3. 🚥
    Behavior2vector: Embedding Users' Personalized Travel Behavior to Vector
    Yang Liu, Fanyou Wu, Cheng Lyu, Xin Liu, Zhiyuan Liu
    IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2021
  4. 🚥
    A hybrid method with rules and optimization to solve the last-mile delivery problems
    Fanyou Wu, Yang Liu
    In Technical Proceedings of the Amazon Last Mile Routing Research Challenge 2021
  5. 🚥
    Traffic4cast at NeurIPS 2020 - yet more on the unreasonable effectiveness of gridded geo-spatial processes
    Michael Kopp, David Kreil, Moritz Neun, David Jonietz, Henry Martin, Pedro Herruzo, Aleksandra Gruca, Ali Soleymani, Fanyou Wu, Yang Liu, Jingwei Xu, Jianjin Zhang, Jay Santokhi, Alabi Bojesomo, Hasan Al Marzouqi, Panos Liatsis, Pak Hay Kwok, Qi Qi, Sepp Hochreiter
    In Proceedings of the NeurIPS 2020 Competition and Demonstration Track 2021


  1. 🚥
    TLab: Traffic Map Movie Forecasting Based on HR-NET
    Fanyou Wu, Yang Liu, Zhiyuan Liu, Xiaobo Qu, Rado Gazo, Eva Haviarova
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.07728 2020


  1. 📷
    Efficient Project Gradient Descent for Ensemble Adversarial Attack
    Fanyou Wu, Rado Gazo, Eva Haviarova, Bedrich Benes
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.03333 2019


  1. 🕸️
    Phase transition in a growing network
    Fanyou Wu, Petri P Kärenlampi
    Journal of Complex Networks 2017


🌳: Forestry
🚥: Transportation
📷: Computer Vision
🕸️: Complex Networks
🔍: Information Retrieval